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Does your Mac need more cowbell?

Adding peripherals, storage devices and networking just got a lot simpler with iHelp. Don’t get frustrated by upgrades. >

Has your Mac gone from desktop to doorstop?

We can make the most of your current setup, and let you know whether your machine is on its last legs, or just needs a tune-up. >

Does your network suck? That’s sad.

Networking can be a challenge. We’re network experts and can troubleshoot site-specific problems with your connections. >

Does your hard drive go click-click-click?

What’s a surefire sign that a hard drive’s about to crash? There’s not just one. Odd clicks or strange behaviors can mean trouble. >

Hey, you, did you get off of your Cloud?

We’ll help you jump back on with expert assistance in linking all of your devices to iCloud and other data services. >

Could the tech support you’ve been getting be better?

Perhaps they’ve gotten a little too comfortable and don’t seem to respond on your schedule. >


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