Does your network suck?

That’s sad.

Sometimes networks need a little site-specific diagnosis.
Plus, what to do if it’s not working like it used to work.


Challenged by your networks?

Just changed or upgraded your Broadband?

We can help you make smart decisions to get all the computers and other devices in your office or home to share that high speed. 

Networking can be a challenge when not setup correctly. We’re experts at both wireless and wired networks. We’ll troubleshoot site specific problems affecting your connections.

And, just like a good maid, we also do Windows. We’ll help you integrate your Apple technology with your Microsoft network.

With more than 25 years of experience with Macs and iOS in both business and home environments, iHelp is Apple certified. Email us to set up a quick diagnostic review.

Experts at working with Exchange

Help with DSL and cable

We'll help you share all your peripherals

More than 25 years of Mac & iOS experience

Apple Certified


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