Have you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 16 or your iPad to iPadOS 16 only to find your randomize wallpaper siri shortcut is broken? Me, too!! I used a siri shortcut to change the Wallpaper daily at Sunrise. I have a Photos album called Wallpapers (which I use instead of the Recent Items in the original shortcut. You can choose any album in your Photos Library.), the automation runs every day, and the wallpaper would be something new each day. Fun and much less boring than the same thing every day. It’s what I have done on my Mac desktop for years. Then, with the 16s, I found when the shortcut ran, it just left a black screen, no image. What an annoyance.

After searching for a few weeks, there seems to be a solution. First, get this shortcut, Randomize Wallpaper. Next, you’ll have to duplicate it, at least once (I kept the original for reference, and duplicated it twice. I renamed one “Randomize Lock Screen Wallpaper” and the other “Randomize Home Wallpaper.” Getting the idea? In the original shortcut, in iOS 15 and below, the automation would run the original shortcut and set both the lock screen and the home screen to one image. That now fails in 16 and both just become black. But, if you edit the duplicates (or one duplicate and the original) to just set the wallpaper for either Home or Lock and the other to set the other wallpaper, that appears to work.

So now, in the Automations section of Shortcuts, the Sunrise action, runs the two shortcuts and now you can have two separate images on Lock and Home. Your two shortcuts should look like this:

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