How to add Contacts from iCloud on an iOS 4 device

You can setup contact syncing to iCloud on an older iPod Touch (2nd Generation or newer), iPhone (3G or newer) or any iPad still running at least iOS 4. Sorry, 1st Generation iPod Touch owners, the maximum iOS which can be used on these devices is iOS 3.1.3.

You need to determine the unique number which is your iCloud account number. The way I did it was to log in to iCloud on the web. Then, click on your name or picture to get your account settings page. If you don’t have a picture there, you may need to upload one. Once your picture is there, right click on it (in Safari) and choose Inspect Element. (If you don’t see the Inspect Element choice, you’ll need to go into Safari Preferences, go to the Advanced tab and make sure there is a check mark for “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar”.) Search for You’ll find something like <img src=”…>. The number in the nnnnnnnn position is your unique number. It may be seven, eight or nine characters. Your pxx number is right at the beginning after the https://.

On the iOS device, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account. Choose “Other” and select “Add CardDAV Account” under the Contacts section.

Enter the following information:

User Name: your iCloud login name
Password: your iCloud password
Description: iCloud CardDAV (This is a suggestion only; can be whatever text is meaningful to you)

Choose “Advanced,” turn SSL On and enter 443 for the port.

Press Done twice and the information will validate with the server. If all was entered correctly the device will verify the information and connect to your contacts.

As in other areas, your iCloud contacts need to be the primary source of information. Make changes and additions to your contacts from iCloud (especially if you are still using Snow Leopard on your Mac). This should help with some of the problems seen on older operating systems and devices where duplicates might begin to be a problem.


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9 thoughts on “How to add Contacts from iCloud on an iOS 4 device

  1. Hello Donny,
    Thanks for this, in ways it was very helpful but if hasn’t resolved my problem. I’m trying to get the contacts from my wifes iPhone 3GS up to the cloud. All her contacts are on here and she is now moving on to a 4S and needs them moved. It seems this technique only brings any contacts down from the cloud right? Or am I being impatient?

    • I don’t have a 3G to test with, but I would think if you were having the contacts on the phone work with the iCloud contacts, they would combine. If not, you might take a look a Plaxo or Fruux to get this to work. I’m guessing you are using a PC with the iPhone, not a Mac.

  2. Hi Donny, Thanks for putting this out here.

    The setup failed till I changed my login name to add the part, where I had initially just used the first part. An error about bad authentication would be reasonable, but instead the err was Cannot Connect Using SSL. Go figure.

    Sure is great to have the icloud contacts on my vintage rig!


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