I’ve been wanting to use one of my iPods, I have several, for a particular playlist while working out. Additionally, I carry the iPod, a fourth generation Nano, with me when I travel so I wanted my Jazz with me as well.

Originally, I had setup the Nano to just pick a random group of Jazz and then I’d have that for travel. The problem began when I¬†transferred my Heart’s Greatest Hits to the Nano for the workout.

The songs were all there, they were just out of order from the album. I tried several ways to correct this: adding a 1 0f 1 Disc to the info, creating a playlist by adding each song individually. No luck. The songs were still transferring to the Nano out of album order.

A little more research, and I found this info:

Tracks out of sequence
Check that all tracks have the same/correct disc no. For a single disc album this should be either blank (my preference) or 1 of 1. iTunes will sort tracks with a disc no. of 1 before those that are blank. Just for fun the iPod sorts them the other way around so an album that is correct in iTunes may be out of sequence on an iPod or vice-versa. In addition ensure that the Artist, Album Artist, Album, Sort Artist, Sort Album Artist & Sort Album fields are consistent across all tracks.

The part in bold-italics is what finally worked. I selected all the songs in iTunes, then did a Get Info on the tracks. On the Sorting tab, I made sure all the info in the bold-italics was the same. Boom! Now correct on the Nano.

Hope this helps, if it does, leave a comment ….

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