How to use ComplyFoam 500 series with Backbeat Go2

Note: ComplyFoam now makes a 600 series which works with the Backbeat Go2

I kind of have a fetish for headphones. Perhaps not as bad as some folks, but I have four or five pairs of earbuds, the kind that go in your ear and a couple of pair of over-the-ear headphones. On the latter, I have to admit, one pair is quite old and started falling apart last summer (and, they’re very cheap; the other are a recent purchase which I’m hoping to use more in the winter when it’s cold outside, sort of a combo good sound and ear muffs.) During the warm months, and at the gym, I use the earbuds.

Recently, I thought I’d give some wireless bluetooth ones a try. At an Apple Store, another admitted headphone addict recommended the Plantronics Backbeat Go2.These run anywhere from about $53 on Amazon to $99 at the Apple Store. I gave them a try. Sound was good, but I’ve never been a fan of the silicon tips more earbuds come with. And, my favorite third party vendor for foam earbud replacements, ComplyFoam doesn’t make any specifically for the Backbeat Go2. So, after a week or so, I gave up on them and returned them.

Then, an online company had a sale on the Backbeat Go 1s for $19.95. Couldn’t resist. And, ComplyFoam 200 series fits them. I liked them. Trouble is they were only staying charged for a couple of hours and they were supposed to last four or so. Called Plantronics, one of my new fav companies for standing behind their products. They agreed even though these were refurbs and I had bought them from a third party the Backbeat 1s should stay charged for at least four hours. There aren’t a lot of companies that stand behind their products. Plantronics joins my list of Osprey Packs and Camelbak as consumer oriented vendors. They said they would send me a set of their Backbeat Go2s to replace the faulty Backbeat Go1s!

After I received the BB Go2s, and using them for a few days, I was back where I started. The silicon tips didn’t stay in my ears, even the large, and I was getting disappointed all over again. I wrote to ComplyFoam to ask WHEN they would come out with some foams specifically for the BB Go2s. They said they didn’t have any plans to but they “have seen on some online forums that some customers have been able to use our 500 line of tips for this earphones. It just really needs to be stretched in order to fit around the nozzle.” And that’s where this post fits in.

I searched and searched, and yes, there were online forums where users said they had used the ComplyFoam 500s with the BB Go2s. Problem: Nobody was explaining HOW they stretched the ComplyFoams to fit. I tried several different ways before finding the “correct” way, at least for me. Here’s what finally worked: I used the chuck-end of a 1/4″ drill bit to stretch the ComplyFoam TSX-500. Here’s what it looks like: CF500onBit

You only need to leave it on for a minute or so; just long enough to stretch the inner core so it will slip onto the BBGo2. If you don’t happen to have drill bits, you can also try the backend of a Papermate BIC-type pen; the throw away kind


After you get the ComplyFoams on your Backbeat Go2, you can enjoy your music and the comfort of the foam tips versus the silicon ones. Of course, some may prefer the silicon, but for me, the foams are better.

Now you know how.

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